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The DMS TMR Course is a highly specialized course of instruction (COI) that meets and exceeds the NRP refresher requirements, and is focused on the unique operational environment and needs of the special operations medical practitioner.
The TMR course satisfies numerous USAF CFEPT 1T2X1-related tasks.

Articles and information of interest gathered from various sources related to the rescue training and skills development.

RopeLab aims to provide rope technicians with sound research, education and collaboration. RopeLab explores roping equipment, systems, and techniques and seeks to provide a greater understanding of these.

International Commission for Alpine Rescue
A world wide open platform for the exchange of mountain rescue know-how. Recommendations for the global rescue community are available from various commisions; Medical, Terrestrial, Air Rescue and Avalanche

Petzl USA. Gear and tech tips for mountaineering: rock climbing, caving, canyon, via ferrata, trail running

Database for outdoor gear recalls. Covering safety relevant equipment for rock climbing, ice climbing, ski touring, alpinism & mountaineering.

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